LEED Certification

LEED Certification

Liberty Warehouse was designed and is being built to attain a LEED certification. Below is a list of features and benefits that meet LEED standards at Liberty Warehouse.

— This is a high—density building constructed on a previously—developed infill lot, which reduces its carbon footprint.

— The building was built to provide access to open space.

— Drought resistant plants have been installed to conserve irrigation water. 

— 80% of waste generated during the construction was diverted from landfills.

— Less lumber was used during construction due to several framing efficiency practices.

— 75% of all roofing material was designed to be highly reflective to reduce energy demand by the buildings HVAC systems and reduce the neighborhood heat island effect.

— The building is 15% energy efficient compared with the building standard.

— Each unit contains air seals and weather stripping on wall, chases, and windows. The building has been tested and verified by a 3rd party to ensure a high level of insulation and air leakage has been installed in each unit. 

— HVAC duct systems have been tested to demonstrate minimal leakage of conditioned air.

— The building contains covered bicycle storage.

— The building contains charging stations for electric vehicles, and 5% of the parking spaces are reserved for low—emitting vehicles.

— The faucets and lavatories are low flow and high efficient, dishwashers are ENERGY STAR certified. The irrigation system has also been designed to be highly efficient. 

— Each unit has dedicated fresh air intake controls.

— All exhaust fans are ENERGY STAR certified.

— The building incorporates over 30 durability strategies that address various potential environmental risks.

— The building is a non smoking building and has signage directing tenants to designated smoking areas which are greater than 25 feet from the entrance.

— Outstanding Community Resources are available within 1/4mi of building. These include the following:

     • Arts and entertainment center 
     • Bank 
     • Community or civic center 
     • Convenience store 
     • Daycare center 
     • Fitness center or gym 
     • Medical or dental office 
     • Police station 
     • Place of worship 
     • Restaurant 
     • School 
     • Supermarket Other neighborhood—serving retail